Online campaign sheds light on data protection concerns

From 1 – 5 December 2014, project partners ran an online campaign on their and Facebook and Twitter pages to better understand the challenges and concerns of people with intellectual disabilities, their families and carers  regarding data protection for this particular group. The five organisations posted one question a day, each in their own working language, using the hashtag #SafeSurfing.
Answers provided a glimpse into both the challenges and the opportunities facing people with intellectual disabilities using the Internet. For example, participants in the campaign shared concerns of having their bank details stolen, of unclear website terms and conditions and of not understanding the subtlety of language. Carers and family members of people with intellectual disabilities worried about online abuse and dishonest behavior, as well as about bullying and online predators. However, they also believed there is a fine line between keeping a person with an intellectual disability safe and invading one’s privacy. On a positive note, participants also commented on setting up and maintaining support groups on social media and making lasting friendships online.