Take part in Safe Surfing online training sessions!


The SafeSurfing project is teaching people with intellectual disabilities

how to keep their information safe when using the Internet.

Even though the internet is useful in many ways, sometimes it can be dangerous.

Examples of the dangers of the internet are people stealing personal information
and people hurting other people.

People with intellectual disabilities are especially at risk of being hurt.

To stop this, SafeSurfing will help persons with intellectual disabilities
to use the Internet in a safe way.

There will be 5 training sessions.

With this training, you are going to learn about:

  • What is personal data and how to protect your personal information
  • The dangers of internet
  • Mobile devices and apps
  • How to protect yourself on Facebook
  • What to share on the internet

We will be starting mid-February. 

When you register, we will discuss the days
and times we will 
deliver the sessions.

You will receive information before and after the session.

During the session, the trainer is going to give explanations,
tips and exercises.

You will be able to ask questions directly to the trainer during the session
and of course, by email before or after the session.

Each session will last around 30 minutes.

For some sessions, it might be easier if you have a person to support you.
It can be a friend or a family member for example.
Someone who also uses the internet.

The sessions will start mid-February and will end at the end of March.

If you would like to register to the online training in English, please fill the form available here.

If you have any questions please send an email to