What is SafeSurfing

Inclusion Europe and other organisations started a project.etr
The project is called SafeSurfing.
SafeSurfing will help people with disabilities
use the Internet in a safer way.

Even though the internet is useful in many ways,
sometimes it can be dangerous.
Examples of the dangers of the internet
are people stealing personal information and people hurting other people.

People with disabilities are especially at risk of being hurt.
To stop this, the SafeSurfing project will teach people with intellectual disabilities
to use the internet in a safe way.

SafeSurfing is an innovative project aiming to train people with intellectual disabilities on data protection and on safe online behavior. We want people with intellectual disabilities to get the personal support and knowledge they need to decide what information they want to share with others.

Safe Surfing builds on the knowledge that we, knowingly or unknowingly, face many dangers when simply using the Internet. With 17 per cent of Europeans falling victim to identity theft every year, data protection is a major problem for all European citizens, and particularly for people with intellectual disabilities. Therefore, within the framework of the SafeSurfing project, Inclusion Europe, and its partners Mencap, Anffas, Feaps and PSOUU,  will reach more than 1000 people with intellectual disabilities directly, by using interactive online training sessions that offer participants the possibility of asking questions in real time. Moreover, thousands more will benefit from the five training videos on several areas of data protection that will be produced and shared by SafeSurfing Partners.