Hear our Voices conference will have a workshop on SafeSurfing

“Hear our Voices” is the European Conference of Self-Advocates.etr
It happens every 2 years in different countries.

The conference will take place from 2 October until 4 October 2015.
The European Platform of Self Advocates (EPSA)
together with Inclusion Europe and FEAPS
are organising Hear our Voices.

Almost all speakers will be self-advocates.
The different topics are divided into workshops
on things that are important for self-advocates.

There will also be some more practical workshops on, like on:

  • Feelings and emotions
  • Making a video curriculum
  • Music and body language
  • Making easy to read material

One of the practical workshops will be about SafeSurfing.
We will show our videos
and talk about how to stay safe online.

The workshop will be very interactive
which means you will not just listen to a presentation
but will get do do practical things on tablets!

We hope many of you will be able to come!

The conference will not cost a lot of money.

European participants will pay 70 euros.
Spanish participants will pay 50 euros.
This will include 3 nights at the hotel, food and buses.

The registration is open NOW!
To register, you can click here.
To fine out more about the conference, you can click here.
We hope to see you in Madrid!