While Article 8 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights gives everyone the right to the protection of personal data, legal capacity legislation, lack of awareness, as well as accessibility issues of redress mechanisms may infringe the protection of personal data of people with intellectual disabilities.

To achieve an effective protection of their personal data, individuals have to be provided with the personal support and training they need to decide which data and information they want to share with others. Therefore, SafeSurfing will work to:

  • Support the implementation of legislation on data protection and, if adopted, the dissemination of the major changes of the Data Protection Reform Package to make it relevant to young people and adults with intellectual disabilities.
  • Raise the awareness and abilities of people with intellectual disabilities regarding the protection of their personal data in the partner countries.
  • Develop online training as a means to reach out to a significant number of individuals.

More concretely, partners will produce five information videos for people with intellectual disabilities about different aspects of data protection and of possibilities to seek redress. The videos will be available in all project languages on YouTube.

Partners will also develop, test and roll-out online training modules to more than 1.000 people with intellectual disabilities in five countries. The training sessions will touch upon subjects such as:

  • Contents of the Data Protection Reform Package
  • Processing of personal data and the meaning of explicit consent
  • Information about redress mechanisms